Bridger(l) and Miles(r) Dec. 18. A gorgeous cloudless blue sky day.

Apparently I live on the Snow Geese flyway. By that I mean they fly DIRECTLY over my house. My house runs north/south and if there was a directional arrow painted east/west on the top of my house…these birds would be following it exactly. These pictures are of the birds that flew over two Saturdays ago. I heard them – their voices – at least 10 minutes before they actually appeared. And when they appeared they kept coming and coming and coming. There must have been 10,000 of them. I have posted a slideshow here in an effort to share this incredible moment(IMO) with you.

Turq(l) and Jet(r). Morning run. 17 degrees.

Abakan High Country Snows…Logan. by Abakan Mountain Man(Bridger) and Abakan Aia. Logan is almost 2.5 years old.

Bridger and I went out with the bike to check out the roads today. It was DAMP, dirt still wet from a recent rain, but we got a run in anyway.

The afternoon gate greeters: Watermelon(l), Riba(middle), Justice(r). Aia and Bridger pups, now 11 weeks old.

Father-daughter duo. Jet(left) ran with Bridger(right) today. First time running together. They are very well matched.
A real pleasure to run these two together.

Abakan High Country Snows…Logan.
by Abakan Mountain Man x Abakan Aia
Logan will be two years old in one month.


Abakan Listen to the Music…”Bose” (by Abakan A Hundred Miles or More x Abakan Kiwanga Mouka Ming) (OFA Good/OFA CARE normal)

Bridger and I get out to check the training course.
First time since my reaction to the 2nd Moderna covid vaccine.
Good to get out again!

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