Miles is 14.5 today. Pictures of him in earlier times.

Abakan Deacon Blues…Deacon…gets out today. Deacon is by Miles and Mouka.

Samba…Abakan Samba Begonia. Now 20 months old. By Abakan Mountain Man(Bridger) and Abakan Aia.

Bridger and Turq out again. See slideshow

Taking a break from running the dogs with the bike and getting individual dogs out for exercise on the flexi lead. Zuli had a very good time today.

We are at it again. Roads are finally dry enough to run the dogs with the bike. Bridger and Turq and I ran both Friday, the 3rd and Sunday the 5th.

49th year bikejoring photo comparison. Walker(left) is Miles'(right) great grandsire and Bridger’s great-great grandsire.

2023 is the 49th year I have been running the dogs with a bike. This morning Bridger and I got out to check out the trail. I think as long as we go when the ground is frozen we will be OK. 25 degrees and we had a good swift run and my thighs got to scream a little pedaling the bike as we went along. It is a NEW YEAR!

Abakan Arriba! (Riba), almost 16 mo. old

Bridger and Logan: power duo

Today was the second day in a row for Bridger and Logan to run with me and the bike. Today was cooler. These two – father and son – are a very strong duo. It is especially fun for me to get them out for a good fast run. Standing shots: Logan(l), Bridger(r). Running shots: Bridger(l), Logan(r). Slideshow.

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