Nilaq (with the frosty chin on the left) and Ziatan (Siberian Husky on the right) lead Sa Mira’s team on their recent trips in Sweden. Photo by Sa Mira.



Abakan Listen to the Music…”Bose” today at the sports fields. He is seven months old. By Abakan A Hundred Miles or More(Miles) and Abakan Kiwanja Mouka Ming(Mouka)


Cody(Abakan Frontier Showman) by Bridger and Mouka participated in the Zoiboyz Annual Solo Speed Challenge on January 27 in Colorado. This is a 200 yard straight run. Cody may have set a new Samoyed course record. Cody was handled by Anne O’Neill(Whitestar Samoyeds) and his owner Lana McClellan(Galadriel Samoyeds). Cody is brother to Jet.      Photo by Megan Elizabeth


Nilaq, in front on the left, tries her paw at leading. The team, driven by Sa Mira Kippshull in Germany covered 30km on this run(a little over 18 miles). Nilaq is sister to Avani(pictured leading Sabine Bernegger’s team) and sister to Willow(pictured running wheel on the Kaneeli Karu team).


Sabine Bernegger trains her team. Avani(from Mouka and Miles’ second litter) runs at lead on the left.


Joachim Baier drives the Kaneeli Karu team at training camp at Tettau, Germany, January 2019. Willow, from the second Mouka and Miles litter, runs at wheel, closest to the camera.


Two women – Sabine Bernegger and Sa Mira Kippshull –  appear to be planning to run the Intl Nockberge Longtrail sled dog race in Austria in 2019. Dates are March 14-17. Both Sabine and Sa Mira run one of the pups from Mouka’s second litter with Miles on their team. Here is one of the hills they will have to conquer. Going up and then going down!

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