Father-daughter duo. Jet(left) ran with Bridger(right) today. First time running together. They are very well matched.
A real pleasure to run these two together.

Abakan High Country Snows…Logan.
by Abakan Mountain Man x Abakan Aia
Logan will be two years old in one month.


Abakan Listen to the Music…”Bose” (by Abakan A Hundred Miles or More x Abakan Kiwanga Mouka Ming) (OFA Good/OFA CARE normal)

Bridger and I get out to check the training course.
First time since my reaction to the 2nd Moderna covid vaccine.
Good to get out again!

A different lifetime, on a different planet, in a different universe. Priest Lake Pacific Coast Championships. Winter 1978. 3-dog class. Belaya Buccaneer at lead. Abakan Maggie Whitehair at wheel. Abakan Rosalinda de Llana at wheel hidden behind Buck. Dogs descended from this team have received the Samoyed Club of America Top Sled Dog award, have completed the Femundlopet(in Norway), and descendants of the Norwegian dog have completed the Alaska Serum Run. Descendants are currently running on sled teams in Germany, the Netherlands, in Alaska, and in Washington state as well as training with me in SE Colorado. ABAKAN celebrates 50 years in June of 2021.

Sometimes…there is just nothing better than a ball to play with.

Nilaq, back lit in the frosted air. Photo by Samira Kippschull, Germany

Turq getting out with the bike.

Nilaq running with Sa Mira and Timo Litt in Germany.
They are finally getting some snow.

Bridger(right) and Plume(left) on
the fourth segment of our run today.

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