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Snohook’s Freddie Sings Again of Seaview…Freddie. Soon to be 7 months old. Out of a litter of six pups from Seaview’s Yike and Abakan Hushe Norbu of Snowhook. Bred by Lynn Hornbein. Photo by Lynn Hornbein.


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Congratulations to Sharon(Shay) Garrison and Sveta for earning the Therapy Dog title! This photo shows Shay and Sveta on the left receiving Sveta’s TD certificate. [Sveta is littermate to Bose and Sika.]


Sali…Snovale Sali Forth t’Abakan by Bridger and Champlain(Prairie Isle Snovale Great Discoverier)

CONGRATULATIONS! to Sharon(Shay) Garrison and Abakan Svetlana Valeriyevna,”Sveta”,  for completing the requirements for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title,  Sveta is just one year old, is a sister to Bose and Sika.


Logan(left) and Jazmin(right) sending Sammy smiles your way. See page #9B under the Bridger and Aia litter for more 8 week pics of these two.


David and Melissa with their new charge…the Silver boy.


Who needs a dog bed when you can lie down on your brother. Spruce(on top). Plum(asleep)

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