Jet, shown here at 12 weeks, now has her own page. See the menu bar at the right under “The girls” for more on Jet.



Bridger(left) and Turq(right) blasting off on a fast, cold(15 degrees) 3.5 mile bikejor run.


Photo by Sa Mira Kippshull, running her team in Sweden. Nilaq(out of Mouka and Miles, still just a year old) is running at wheel on the right


The newest member of the ABAKAN clan: Abakan Jezzine Tjarri…”Jet”…by Bridger and Mouka


Sabine Bernegger, driver, with her 6-dog team in Sweden. Avani, by Mouka and Miles, is at lead on the right.


The four pups from Mouka and Bridger, now 7 weeks old. Left to right: Brown boy, Persimmon girl, Electric Blue girl, Beige, boy. All the pups are spoken for and will be going to their new homes soon.

Deacon sends Best Wishes from all the ABAKAN Samoyeds for HAPPY HOLIDAYS!DEACONJan6headtilt1

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