Introducing Bose…Abakan Listen to the Music. By Miles and Mouka. Pictured Nov 29 at 5 months old.



Bridger(left) and Turq(right) did a very good run on Nov 17, early. Overcast and cold.


Abakan Lazuli Windwalker…”Zuli” stretching out at the local sports field. See more of Zuli on his page.


Abakan Tsoodzil…”Turq” by Abakan A Hundred Miles or More(Miles) and Abakan Kiwanja Mouka Ming(Mouka). Turq and I went to the lake. She really enjoyed it.

Oct 20.  Bridger gets out with the bike. I am always uplifted when I see this dog in action.


Bridger on the way back. Our first run with the bike this year.



New page: “Pallet Play August 18” has been added to the Mouka and Miles 2018 pages. Includes short video. Twi(left) and Flame(right) peek through


The Mouka and Miles pups will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and Mouka still wants to be with them. She goes out in their morning run and does a little nursing and then plays with her pups.

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