Maybe our last run of the 21-22 season. June 22. 48 degrees. Miles and Bridger.

Jet – Abakan Jezzine T’jarri by Abakan Mountain Man x Abakan Kiwanja Mouka Ming OFA E/OFA CARE normal

Justice with Josefyn, in the Netherlands

Out with Samba in the early morning light to get a few new pictures. She is in the process of losing her puppy coat, will be 11 months old on the 15th.

Miles(left) and Bridger(right). A very good cold spring morning run.

Riba and Samba

Riba(Abakan Arriba!, left) and Samba(Abakan Samba Begonia, right) will be 9 months old on the 15th, next week.

Abakan High Country Snows…”Logan”

16 degrees. Morning run with Miles(l) and Bridger(r). Bright clear day..

Bridger(l) and Miles(r) Dec. 18. A gorgeous cloudless blue sky day.

Apparently I live on the Snow Geese flyway. By that I mean they fly DIRECTLY over my house. My house runs north/south and if there was a directional arrow painted east/west on the top of my house…these birds would be following it exactly. These pictures are of the birds that flew over two Saturdays ago. I heard them – their voices – at least 10 minutes before they actually appeared. And when they appeared they kept coming and coming and coming. There must have been 10,000 of them. I have posted a slideshow here in an effort to share this incredible moment(IMO) with you.

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