The newest member of the ABAKAN clan: Abakan Jezzine Tjarri…”Jezzine”…by Bridger and Mouka



Sabine Bernegger, driver, with her 6-dog team in Sweden. Avani, by Mouka and Miles, is at lead on the right.


The four pups from Mouka and Bridger, now 7 weeks old. Left to right: Brown boy, Persimmon girl, Electric Blue girl, Beige, boy. All the pups are spoken for and will be going to their new homes soon.

Deacon sends Best Wishes from all the ABAKAN Samoyeds for HAPPY HOLIDAYS!DEACONJan6headtilt1


Germany: Sa Mira and the dogs still seem to be having a GREAT time! Nilaq, from the Mouka/Miles second litter, is running along with her first cousin, Skadi, who is by Mouka’s sister, Sky.   I believe they may be the two in the middle.


Sa Mira, in Germany,  has been running the dogs in wet, rainy, conditions this year, training on muddy roads with lots of puddles.

New page with three short training videos from this season.  See left menu bar “Short training videos, 2017-2018 season”.  See also individual training videos from the 2017-2018 season for Turq and Bridger on their individual pages.

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