Bikejoring, Nov. 17

Nov17bikejorDarluFRBIG1Noona runs on the left, Widget on the right.  A beautiful day for running the dogs.  Thanks to Pam Buhl and Rachael Paulson for coming down from the Denver area and generating the interest.  Photo by Rachael Paulson.

Abakan Pine Springs Kiva, from the side



Our 38th year of bikejoring!

BikejorNoonaMoukaNov7Noona(at right), at age 10, is still as strong as ever, as she leads out on our first bikejor run of the season.  We had a beautiful, sunny, cold morning at 26 degrees, and the dogs enjoyed getting out very much.  Mouka(on the left), Noona’s granddaughter, got to try out her paws on the trail.

Kiva (Abakan Pine Springs Kiva), Nov. 3