The Mouka and Miles pups are now 7 weeks old. See menu bar at right for pictures and weights.

The OneGreen girl

The OneGreen girl

The Mouka and Miles pups are now 6 weeks old. New pictures and weights can be accessed from the menu bar at the right.


Mouka finally gets to play with her pups.

The Mouka/Miles pups are 5 weeks old! See their 5 week pictures and weights, select from the right menu bar.


Turquoise stands by the tube while the Boy leaps.

The Mouka/Miles pups are now 4 weeks old. See the menu bar at right for outside pictures and 4 week weights.

Two Green girlDec2TwoGreenTOWEL2USE

End of the trail. Abakan Smoke ‘n’ Mirs WSX…”Mir”. July 2, 2000 – Dec. 4, 2015