New pictures are posted of many of the dogs on their individual pages.  See Mouka, Aia, Turq, and Plume.  See Zuli, Bridger, and Deacon.

March23Aia1Aia went on her second run with the bike March 23.  We are having unsettled weather now after a huge wind and rain storm on the 24th.  This may be our last time out this season.


Noona was the last of the working titled dogs living. It is like a whole era is now gone. And another whole era has begun.

This was the header that was to appear at the top of the page here, but when wordpress made one of its many changes years back my header didn’t work with the wp program. Here it is, though: Noona WSX on the left panel. Middle panel left to right Pine WSX, and Tanni WSX, running with the bike. Flare WSX is on the right panel.

Abakan Nunatak o’Elmfield, WSX “Noona” October 20, 2003 – March 21, 2017



In Memory: Abakan Sunburst of Snowhook WSX, “Flare”,(July 25 2006 – March 4 2017)


Flare came to me from Lynn Hornbein in Alaska. Lynn had both Flare’s parents and bred Flare’s litter.

Flare always fit in with the dog group. She had her own individuality, but she never exerted her personality forcefully. She ran in harness and always seemed to enjoy this activity so much. She was easy to get along with, was gentle but strong, was always a good jumper with a solid well-muscled rear. She received an OFA Excellent hip rating. She also earned a Working Samoyed Excellent title from the Samoyed Club of America and was one of 10 Abakan Samoyeds to do so. I appreciate and will treasure the time I got to spend with Flare.


In Austria, Sabine Bernegger’s Samoyeds join up with another team for large team experience. At the left in the back is 10-month-old Avani(Mouka x Miles), running in harness for her second time.

Turq, March 2, in the afternoon sun