New page: “Pallet Play August 18” has been added to the Mouka and Miles 2018 pages. Includes short video. Twi(left) and Flame(right) peek through


The Mouka and Miles pups will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and Mouka still wants to be with them. She goes out in their morning run and does a little nursing and then plays with her pups.


Sabine Bernegger, in Sweden, begins training for the 2018-19 season. Avani, from Mouka and Miles Litter #2, runs at double lead on the right.


Widget, in her new home in Arizona, tries out her paw at herding. Stu says she has real potential. Many thanks to Val Docter for all she is doing for and with Widget!


Smoke girl. 6 weeks 1 day old. She will be staying at ABAKAN.