Extended Family: Elsa

Abakan Elsa

Born July 15, 2021 out of Abakan Mountain Man(Bridger) and Abakan Aia(Aia)

Elsa is with Ethan in Wyoming. Ethan and I co-own Elsa – he as the primary owner and me as the co-owner. Ethan is a serious trekker and wanted a dog he could do outdoor activities with. He wanted a smaller female. These two seem like they have a very good time together.

Nov 28: Elsa at home

Sept 8, 2022: Elsa has been on a trip with Ethan and his parents and nephew into the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. They also climbed to the summit of Medicine Bow Peak, a 12,000 foot peak. And they went to Vedauwoo which has many large rock formations and boulders. See slide show below for images from this trip. Many thanks to Ethan for sharing the pictures.

May 2, 2022:

Elsa pictures from Vermillion Canyon, Colorado, and Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Utah. Elsa had her first full on swim this trip, covering about 20 feet of 4 foot deep water. Ethan writes that she enjoyed it.

April 27, 2022:

Elsa has become Ethan’s motorcycle companion. He modified a harness so her legs are free to move. She can sit behind him on the seat upright, strapped in to him at four points. And she has her own “doggles.” Ethan says she loves it! 😀

Ethan and Elsa did a trek in the Big Horns in late 2021. First day they did 12 miles; second day 17 miles. Conditions looked perfect.

Elsa slideshow. January 2022 All photos by Ethan.


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