Showcasing the 1st 27 yrs: (1971-1998)

Abakan Samoyeds started with Mischa of Baymar. She was born Nov of 1969. She was my foundation bitch. I am very fortunate to have been able to get my start with her. Follow the development of ABAKAN Samoyeds in the following images and slideshows.

Belaya Buccaneer. Born Feb 1973. Out of Ch. Kondako’s Sun Dancer x Ch. Belaya Taiga Lily. Buck led my three-dog team, was a strong working dog.


For her first litter, Mischa was bred to a dog in S. California. She whelped the first ABAKAN litter in June of 1971. None of the pups from that breeding are included in the current lineup. None were bred. Abakan Chatanika was registered and was the first pup with the Abakan prefix in 1971.

For her next litter, Mischa was bred to Ch. Valadimir of Elmfield, a Colorado dog, owned by Bob and Katie LeCour. Bred by Katie of Elmfield Samoyeds. From that litter Max and Maggie were the two dogs I kept.

Abakan Maggie Whitehair. Born July 25, 1975

Ch. Abakan Max Big Man. Born July 25, 1975


Mischa was bred to Buck in 1976. From that breeding came Abakan Buckskin Quinn. born Nov. 1976.


I trained Buck, Maggie and Quinn’s sister, Rosa, for competition sled racing as a 3-dog team. I trained them with a bicycle. We probably averaged speeds of 20mph. We participated in the 1978 Pacific Coast Championships at Priest Lake, Idaho.


Maggie was bred to Quinn. From that breeding came Abakan San-We-Tlah II…”Speaker”. Born Aug. 1978


Speaker was bred to Ch. Wind River’s Daisy Mae CDX. Daisy whelped her litter in Feb of 1993.

From the Daisy and Speaker litter came Karibou: Ch. Wind River Talkeetna Karibou CD HIC TDI CDX WDX WSXM ROMP


Speaker was bred to Elmfield’s Autumn Delight for a litter born in January of 1985. My pick from that litter became Abakan T’an Kib o’Elmfield…”Kib”.

From the litter between Speaker and Elmfield’s Autumn Delight also came “Toga” – Ch. Elmfield’s Saratoga Sage. Toga was an AKC champion, and was the dam of Ch. Saratoga’s Speed of Sound BISS, ROMX (Mach) and Ch. Saratoga’s Sonic Boom WSX(Boomer). Toga was awarded First in Brood Bitch at the 1991 SCA National Specialty, with Mach and Boomer as her progeny.


Max was bred to Ch. Wolf River’s Spark o’Elmfield and I got Elmfield’s Ever So Precious from that litter. Precious was bred to Kib in 1988. From that litter I kept Nan…Abakan Nantucket Nan.


Kib was bred to Can Ch. Kondako’s Jessie Come Home(sister to Ch. Snowdahl’s Budding Star) for a litter in 1989. From that litter I chose the Blue boy, who became Abakan’s Samarka Bok Choy WDX…”Bok”.


Bok was bred to Precious for a litter in 1991. From that litter I picked Kuma. His AKC registered name was Abakan Komolungma…which is one version of the native name for Mt. Everest. I named him that because he was the biggest puppy in the litter. Kuma was exported to Norway in February of 1992 at one year old. He ran on the Etah sled team and completed the Femundlopet, which at that time was 350 miles.


Nan was bred to Karibou(Ch. Wind River Talkeetna Karibou) for a litter in January of 1992. From this litter I kept two boys. One of them became Walker…Abakan Time Traveller WSX…and one of them became Fizz…Abakan F Irv Essent. I am only showing pictures of Walker here for now.


For a second litter, Nan was bred to Ch. Tundra Winds’ Polar Knight WSXM…”Winter”. From that litter I kept Aja…Abakan Anasazi Aja, born in September of 1992.


Aja was bred to Walker for a litter that was born in August of 1996. From that litter was Cash(Abakan Cottonwood Cash), Tanni(Abakan Nahanni Waiya), Pine(Abakan Pinyon Pearl), Sage(Abakan Cedarsmoke and Sage), Paiju(Abakan Paiju of the Baltoro), and Taiga(Abakan Taiga Lily). All the littermates ran as sled dogs in harness and all except Taiga received their hip and eye certifications.


Lucinda Johnson, in Lander WY, bred a litter between her bitch Sno-Kiddin’s Destined-to-Be(Destiny) and Ch. Tundra Winds’ Midknight Sun…”Sitka”. Sitka was a litter brother to Aja’s dad, and I decided to get a puppy from this litter. Her name was Ivory…Wind River’s Etched-in-Ivory ROMP.


Ivory was bred to Fizz(out of Nan and Karibou) and she whelped a litter in July of 1997. In that litter was Boone…who became Ch. Abakan Frontiersman WSX HIC. When I moved to Arkansas, Boone went to live with Kent and Donna Dannen in Colorado. They showed him to an AKC championship, which included a Winner’s Dog win at the SCA National Specialty in 1999. He also ran on the Tundra Winds’ sled team and earned an SCA Top Sled Dog award in 1999.

Boone’s sister, Scrimshaw(Abakan n Tundra Winds’ Carved in Ivory), ran in harness and also was shown in conformation. She produced one litter with progeny in Europe.

Boone and Scrimshaw had another sister from that litter who was Abakan Whitestar of Tundra Winds WSXM HIC RN…”Kachina”. She was with Anne O’Neill.


You can see all the other major ABAKAN dogs either on their memorial pages or on their individual pages on this site.

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