Dec 28, 2021:  I do not post regularly to this page.  This page is merely a place holder.  I  put most current info on the journal page or on the main page.  Check there for any recent news.

Sept. 12, 2018:  All the available pups from Mouka’s litter out of Miles have been placed.  We are still experiencing a late hot summer.  I may look at doing another breeding for another litter this fall.  I will post any further news on the “puppy” page or on the “abakan journal” page.

June 25, 2018:  Mouka whelped 8 puppies out of Miles on June 22.  There were six females and two males.  I am posting status updates on the availability of any pups from this litter on the “abakan journal” page.

Widget has gone to be with the Snowvale Crew in Arizona.  She is doing wonderfully well and I look forward to progress reports on any new ventures that Widget is taking part in.

October 1, 2017:  Probably the most exciting news for me to post at this point is that two of the three girls who went to Europe last September are now running on six dog teams.  These pups are only one year old.  Avani, who is with Sabine Bernegger, is running in double lead.  Actually, I think the other bitch who is running in double lead for Sabine is Avani’s first cousin; their mothers are littermates, both out of Kiva and Cameron.  So they are closely related.  This is nice for me, as a sled dog breeder, to see.

See the “abakan journal” page for other latest news.

Nov. 16, 2015:  Mouka whelped 8 pups between Nov 6 and Nov 7.  One boy and 7 girls.  The pups are all vigorous and healthy.  It looks like a very promising group.

Sept 14, 2015:  Mouka has been bred to Miles.  See the sidebar under Litters 2015 for more info.  Also look at the puppy page.  I will be posting more in October.

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  1. Lynn Hornbein
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 03:13:48

    Waiting to hear your thoughts about this new phase of life…. Lynn and the Snowhooks


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