Short training videos, 2017-2018 season

This year I have taken a few videos of the dogs in action to show their movement and how they handle themselves while in harness.  A few of the dogs already have several seasons of work behind them.  Miles bikejored, for example, in Arkansas.   Bridger has run for three seasons. Even though he is only three years old, he showed very strong promise as a pup, so I started him early.  Deacon, on the other hand, was not a strong beginner last year and I have just begun to work with him this year.  Zuli also was not a strong starter, but he is looking more promising this year.  Turq was a very strong beginner, and she has now, as a two-year-old, run for two seasons.

Miles and Bridger, bike run, Nov 3.  On the dirt section, at a gallop.  Good strong run on this day with these two boys.  Bridger on left, Miles on right.

This video shows Zuli running with Miles, pulling me on the bike.  This was Zuli’s first time out to run with another dog.  It had warmed up to about 47 degrees by the time we reached this part of our run and we had done about 2.5 miles. Miles on the left, Zuli on the right.

3-dog cart run, Nov 5, with Turq in wheel position, Miles and Bridger at lead(Bridger on left, Miles on right). This was a Full Moon run, so you get to see the Moon in the video.

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