It is my wish to keep the Samoyed breed as natural a breed as possible, and thus all my puppies come from bitches that have been bred naturally and have whelped naturally.

I have become a fair midwife in the process of learning how to be of service in the birthing process. I find it rewarding, though, to be able to enable a bitch to come to full term, to enter into delivery and be successful in birthing pups.

I also find it satisfying to see the pups I have helped create and bring into this world grow and develop.  In my mind, there is nothing any cuter and more precious than a Samoyed puppy. On this page you can see a few of the pups that have come along in the past several years.
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If you are interested in more information about the possibility of any pups being available, check this page first, then check the “abakan journal” page to see if there are any new posts. If I have done a breeding, I may already have a page posted also.
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I don’t know what my plans might be for any pups in the next year.  I am just going to have to see how things progress.  I am not putting together a waiting list at this point.  I am not even adding any names to a contact list right now.

                                                                    Darlu Littledeer
                                                                ABAKAN Samoyeds
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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Krister Halvarsson
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 12:50:49

    My name is Krister Halvarsson frome sweden, I have five sk. samoyeds but find it hard to find pure samoyeds here in sweden, to much chow chow involved.
    And I find your dogs interesting, and I hope you could consider to sell me one or two puppis.
    Whith lots of love Krister Halvarsson/Vinterbjörnens (Winterbear) Kennel


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