It is my wish to keep the Samoyed breed as natural a breed as possible, and thus all my puppies come from bitches that have been bred naturally and have whelped naturally.

I have become a fair midwife in the process of learning how to be of service in the birthing process. I find it rewarding, though, to be able to enable a bitch to come to full term, to enter into delivery and be successful in birthing pups.

I also find it satisfying to see the pups I have helped create and bring into this world grow and develop.  In my mind, there is nothing any cuter and more precious than a Samoyed puppy. On this page you can see a few of the pups that have come along in the past several years.
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Aia whelped a litter of 9 puppies on July 15.  There may be a couple of pups available to local homes only.  If you live in Colorado or Wyoming, are an active outdoor person, and would like a puppy application, contact me at abakan1@yahoo.com.
If you live anywhere other than Colorado and Wyoming and are looking for a Samoyed puppy my suggestion is to contact the Samoyed club in your area.  You can find Samoyed clubs listed online.
                                                      Thank you for your interest and best wishes.
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                                                                           Darlu Littledeer
                                                                        ABAKAN Samoyeds
                                                                   *       *        *         *          *           *

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Krister Halvarsson
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 12:50:49

    My name is Krister Halvarsson frome sweden, I have five sk. samoyeds but find it hard to find pure samoyeds here in sweden, to much chow chow involved.
    And I find your dogs interesting, and I hope you could consider to sell me one or two puppis.
    Whith lots of love Krister Halvarsson/Vinterbjörnens (Winterbear) Kennel


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