a. Kiva

KivaApril2_2011_2HEADAbakan Pine Springs Kiva…Kiva

b.  April 2009

by Abakan Tabaguache Teak WS x Abakan Nunatak o’Elmfield WSX

OFA Excellent/CERF

Kiva is a very well put together girl, with good strong forechest and chest depth, well angled stifles, and lovely neck length.  She is a wirey bitch, with a great deal of energy.  She minds well, though, and is conscientious.  She gets along with all the other dogs.  She is particularly interested in cats and other dogs moving around when she is in the kennel.  Kiva has whelped one litter by Ch. Iceway’s Lights Camera Action, and one litter by GCh LOL Saratoga’s Racing the Bullet CAA RN.  Two of her pups from her first litter remain at Abakan; one pup from her second litter.  Kiva was an easy breeder and whelper and was a good mother.





KivaAug10_frontU KivamoveFeb3MEDsm

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