ABAKAN sled dogs in action


This is a photo montage of Abakan bred and Abakan related dogs, running as sled dogs, pulling carts or sleds. Some of the photos are more recent than others. They are all posted here in celebration of the dogs, and the people who have worked them.

Abakan Pinyon Pearl WSX, left lead; Abakan Time Traveller WSX, right lead; Abakan Going-to-the-Sun Song WSX, left wheel; Abakan Yikaisdahi WSX, right wheel


Jill Wilson, driver; Dashing Hi Sierra Skye Walker, right lead


Tundra Winds excursion; Ch. Abakan Frontiersman WSX, right wheel; Abakan Smoke 'n' Mirs WSX, left team


Lynn Hornbein, driver; Abakan Paiju of the Baltoro, Samarka's Tundra Losa, lead; Abakan Avalanche Aven, wheel


Abakan Ninja


David Rossi, driver; Abakan Ninja, left wheel


Tom Henry, driver; Am/Can Ch. Abakan Chaika Lliandra, Samarka's Tundra Losa, lead; Abakan Paiju of the Baltoro, wheel


Don Duncan's Seaview dogs in training; Nordvikens Obraz Zima Krasiva, at left at lead


Don Duncan's team at Nome; Obraz, left at lead


Gary Dixon, driver; Abakan Taiga Lily, lead at right; Am/Can Ch. Abakan Brenin of Glamorgan, wheel at left


Anita Servaas, driver; Tundra Winds' Snow Lily WS, at right lead


Abakan dogs, Walker and Tanni at wheel


David Rossi, driver; Abakan Ninja, right wheel


Jill Wilson, driver; Dashing Hi Sierra Skye Walker, right lead


Donna Dannen, driver; Ch. Abakan Frontiersman WSX, right wheel


Abakan Sams carting in Arkansas; Walker at team, Tanni and Kai, wheel


Abakan Sams drylanding; Pine and Mir at lead, Brinn and Ivory at team, Walker and Tanni at wheel


Mir WSX(front), Scrimshaw WSX(middle), and Tuk WSXM(rear) at the Siberian Rendevous, CO


Nikki Becker, driver; Chaika and Kuma lead, Paiju, wheel, AK


Lynn Hornbein, driver, AK


Don Duncan and the Seaview team, arriving in Nome AK, Serum Run 2007


Bok, left lead, Rio, left wheel, Walker right wheel


Lorrie McAllister, driver; Ch. Abakan Frontiersman WSX, right wheel


Tom Henry, driver; Chaika and Losa lead, Paiju and Avi, wheel


Anne O'Neill, driver; Abakan Whitestar of Tundra Winds WSXM HIC RN, left lead


Abakan Kaneeli Red Canyon Clay, left, Switzerland


David Rossi, driver; Abakan Ninja, right wheel


Snowhook Sams, left to right: Snowhook-Abakan in Memory of Stikeen, Tundra Winds' Salcha Queen, Abakan Paiju of the Baltoro


Donna Dannen, driver; Abakan Smoke 'n' Mirs WSX at lead on left, Abakan-Tundra Winds Carved-in-Ivory at team on left, Ch. Abakan Frontiersman WSX at wheel


Stikeen and Chaika at lead, Paiju and Avi at wheel, AK


Anita Servaas, driver; Tundra Winds Snow Lily WS, right lead


Donna Dannen excursion CO; Scrimshaw at left team, Boone at wheel


Powerline Pass AK; Snowhook Sams


Dashing Sams at Roslyn Rig race; Abakan Kaiyishcho right lead


Jill Wilson driver, Dashing Sams team; Abakan Kaiyishcho WS at left team


Jill Wilson, driver, Dashing Sams team; Abakan Kaiyishcho WS right team


Lynn Hornbein, driver, Snowhook team, Summit Family Practice Mushing Day; Chaika and Losa at lead, Stikeen at team, Paiju and Avi at wheel


Abakan Sams: Pine WSX(left) and Walker WSX(right) at lead, Brinn WSX(left) and Kai WSX(right) at wheel

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hope M
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 05:52:07

    Found your site while researching dogsled tours. Avid fan of the Iditarod. Do you mainly us Bikejoring to train the dogs to be comfortable with being harnessed and pulling? I wondered if you trained for fun or mainly as a breeder? I have not found many individuals connected to the sledding world in Arkansas. Thank you for your time.

    Hope: Finally one moment to answer your questions. I am no longer in Arkansas, however. I am now in SE Colorado. Very hot here now but I am hoping to be able to do some bike work with the dogs as fall comes along and even on into the winter. Yes, I use bike training to get the dogs used to harness work and pulling. Bikejoring is also the only method I have used, generally, to train my dogs for sled work. I train my dogs because it is simply something that feeds my soul. Thanks for your note. Darlu


  2. Lynn Hornbein
    Sep 18, 2019 @ 18:23:38

    Nice to see such a long timeline of working Samoyeds!


  3. abakansams
    Sep 18, 2019 @ 22:33:37

    Fun, huh? Guess we just have to keep the home fires burning while we can.


  4. Jungeun Lee
    Sep 22, 2020 @ 12:19:22

    I have a samoyed puppy that I’m trying to teach how to scooter. I so admire what you have done!


  5. abakansams
    Sep 26, 2020 @ 02:45:48

    There is a good basic book on training lead dogs by lee fishback that gives some helpful information about working with a single dog. Anyway, it did the last time I read it. I have put info and a link on the Working Dog Resources page.


  6. Wanda Krauss
    Apr 08, 2022 @ 20:56:22

    thank you so much for posting this! It brings me joy to see so many real, correct sams. This is the legacy we have been given, thank you for helping to pass it on!


  7. Wanda Krauss
    Apr 08, 2022 @ 20:58:14

    may future Samoyeds continue to carry the attributes you have demonstrated!


    • abakansams
      Apr 09, 2022 @ 02:43:52

      We can only hope, Wanda. We are all getting older. Of the people pictured on this page only two of us ran dogs this past season(2021-2022). I could post another page with ABAKAN dogs running, though. Although, they are not running in the US. The Europeans have strong working groups for Sams and it gives me hope to see them working their dogs in harness.


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