Working Titlists

Abakan’s Samarka Bok Choy WDX…”Bok”

In four consecutive pulls, at 42-45 pounds,

Bok pulled over 1000 pounds twice, and

over 800 pounds twice.

His top pull was 1065 pounds. Two

of his pulls earned him Best Percentage Pull awards. Twice he pulled over 25

times his body weight.


Norwegian Ch. Abakan Komolungma(Komolunga in Norway)

“Kuma”:  completed the Femundlopet,

Norway(350 miles)

Sire to Nordviken’s Igor Stravinsky and Nordvikens Inja(among others)

Igor participated in the Polar Distance race, 2003

Inja’s sons, Nordvikens Obraz Zima Krasiva WSX, and Nordvikens

Opor Zima Krasiva WSX participated in the 2007 Serum Run in Alaska(an

expedition of about 770 miles).


Abakan Time Traveller WSX


Walker earned his working title in packing

and cart and bikejoring excursions.

In the course of his life Walker led 4, 6, 8, and 10-dog

all-Samoyed teams. He was a joy to know, and a joy

to work with.


Abakan Pinyon Pearl, WSX


Pine started running in harness with

her littermates Tanni, Sage, and Cash, at

six months of age. Pine began leading a

10-dog team at the age of 9 months. She was completely at home in front of

a team or running anywhere in the team. She is pictured in the team photo above at lead on the left.


Abakan Cottonwood Cash WSX, another littermate from the Walker/Aja breeding,

“Cash” usually ran point on larger teams, then ran with his dad Walker to complete his SCA working title. Cash is pictured in the photo at the left running on the right; Walker is running on the left.


Abakan Nahanni Waiya WSX


Tanni was a very conscientious worker. She also was a hard worker and took her job very seriously. She enjoyed it

though. Tanni is shown in the photo on the left at right wheel, running next to her dad, Walker. Tanni earned her working title in carting and bikejoring excursions. She earned

her WSX title at over 10 years of age.


Abakan Yikaisdahi WSX…”Kai”

Kai was from a litter between

Abakan’s Samarka Bok Choy WSX

and Wind River’s Etched-in-Ivory ROMP

She was a very strong, focused sled dog.

A very sweet Sam, she usually ran at wheel.


Ch. Abakan Frontiersman WSX HIC…”Boone”

Shown running on a four-dog team. Sky and Nikki

are at lead and Boone appears at the right in the photo,

in wheel position. Driver is Kent Dannen.

Boone earned his title in sled racing, sled and cart excursions,

and packing. He also earned a herding certificate. Many thanks to Donna Dannen for her love and care of Boone.


Abakan-Tundra Winds Carved-in-Ivory WSX HIC


Scrimmy earned her working title in sled excursions and sled racing,

and in packing. She also earned a herding certificate. Scrim is shown in the team photo at wheel position on the right in the photo.

Driver is Donna Dannen. Many thanks to Donna for working with her and many

thanks to Kent Dannen for showing her and loving her.


Abakan Whitestar o’Tundra Winds WSXM HIC RN


Kachina earned her title in sled races and excursions,

in herding, in packing, and in weight pull. She also earned a Rally Novice title at age 8.

Sincere thanks to Anne O’Neill, Whitestar Samoyeds, for the care, presentation, handling, and love of Kachina.


Wind River’s Etched-in-Ivory ROMP

Bred by Lucinda Johnson, Wind River Samoyeds,

Ivory’s kids, Boone(above), Kachina(above), and Kai(above)

earned the ROMP title for Ivory.



The other ABAKAN working titled dogs pictured:

Abakan Smoke ‘n’ Mirs WSX(see more on In Memory page)




newsFlareNov07    Abakan Sunburst of Snowhook WSX

(see more on In Memory page)


Abakan Nunatak o’Elmfield WSX(see more on In Memory page)




Abakan Tabaguache Teak WS(see more on In Memory page)

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