Books on training sled dogs:

Training Lead Dogs by Lee Fishback

Available from Adanac for $16.95

Very good if you are working with a single dog for harness work.  Lots of good information.


Sled Dog Equipment and Supplies:

*Adanac Sleds & Equipment, Olney, Montana USA

*Alpine Outfitters Sled Dog Equipment, San Clemente California USA

*Artic Rigs, Togo Minnesota USA

*Nordkyn Outfitters, Graham Washington USA

*White Pine Outfitters

Wolf Packs, Inc., Ashland Oregon USA

Wolf Track Dog Carts


Lure Coursing.   

ZASSC   Colorado

Also see AKC active dog events below.

[As of 8/11/19  Abakan’s Frontier Showman (Cody) has the Colorado  ZASSC course record for Samoyeds for non-sighthounds.  He ran 23.79 MPH.]


Weight Pull

You can check your region to see if there are any weight pull events scheduled.



See AKC below


AKC active dog events:

Check AKC dog shows in your area to see if they are offering any rally or agility or any performance events (herding tests and trials, farm dog certification, lure coursing and coursing ability, etc.)

For performance events schedule:

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