Noona(October 2003 – March 2017)

Abakan Nunatak o’Elmfield WSX…Noona   by Ch. Abakan Frontiersman WSX HIC x Ch. Saratoga’s Angel in Disguise


Noona was bred by Katie Carter, Elmfield Samoyeds.  She came to me as a stud service puppy.  From the first time she walked the lake trail with Walker it was very apparent she was going to be an excellent sled dog.  She had the strength, the speed, and the focus.  She earned her WSX title running on the bike with me in Arkansas.  She ran with Mir, Flare, Teak, and Pine.  Her speed was a good 2-3 miles per hour faster than any dog I had!  She loves to chase birds and Noona would really put on the speed when we were running by an irrigation ditch where small birds would fly up as we ran by.  Noona whelped two litters, sired by Teak.  She has daughters now who have whelped and granddaughters that have whelped litters of their own.  A son, a grandaughter, and three great-granddaughters  run on sled teams in Germany and Austria.

Noona has now gone on down the celestial trail.  She ran in harness, though, for a full twelve years, running her first time in 2004 with Pine, and her last time in October 2016 with her daughter, Kiva.  Truly a pillar.  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience life with Noona.



Noona on right, Mir on left

Noona on right, Mir on left




Noona after one of our first runs with the bike.

Noona after one of our first runs with the bike.

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