x. ABAKAN working in Europe: Eagle | Nilaq

Nilaq(Mouka/Miles), with SaMira Kippshull, in Germany


The 2022-2023 season begins for the Samoyeds of the Heart of Nature SledDog Kennel FCI. The team: Lead: Apache and Tjakkeli, Team1: Zlatan(Husky) and Willow, Team2: Skadi and Nilaq, Wheel: Jokknokk and Mount Logan. These are the ABAKAN relatives running in Germany. Apache and Willow are by Abakan Kaneeli Red Canyon Clay(Tosha), who was brother to Miles. Skadi is by Mouka’s sister, Sky. Nilaq is out of Miles and Mouka. Jokkmokk is Nilaq’s son. I think Tjakkeli and Mount Logan are by Skadi. Thanks to Sa Mira for the picture.


Eagle(Bridger/Aia), with Camilla Nystrom, Fjalltrollens, in Sweden

Jan 24: Camilla has written that trail conditions have been very icy and they have not been getting out, but she did manage to get out recently and sent these pictures. Eagle is the one circled in red in the team pic.

Oct 29: Camilla has begun to run the full team with the 4-wheeler. In the shot on left: Eagle is third duo back, on the left with his tongue out and paws stretched out in front of him.

Oct 1: The season is getting underway.

July 25: Eagle (on right in moving photo)

July 20: Eagle(right) and Chinook(left) out with the bike.

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